How To Get Rid Of A Sunburn

how to get rid of Sunburn

How To Get Rid Of A Sunburn

The biggest problem with summer is sunburn, learn how to get rid of Sunburn. Sunburn is caused by hours spent outside in summer. You may have missed a spot while applying sunscreen; now, your skin is sunburned. 

Sunburn cause irritation, itching, burning, and stinging sensation. You can get rid of sunburn through different remedies and treatments. In this article, we have listed effective remedies to get rid of Sunburn. 

1- Cool Water

Sunburn is basically the inflammation of the skin. Using Cool water on the affected area is the most straightforward way to cool down the burning skin. Just get down the cold shower to immediately help sunburn. 

Cool water helps reduce burning and inflammation and prevents it from worsening. Avoid jumping in a chlorinated water swimming pool and directly apply ice on sunburned skin because it causes the skin to get more irritated. Get into the shower and take a cool water bath to soothe your sunburn immediately. 

2- Apply a Moisturizer

Your sunburned skin needs moisturization and hydration, which you can achieve by applying an Aloe Vera gel or light moisturizer. Putting these skin-soothing products in the refrigerator before applying them to sunburn is recommended.

Do not use butter, vaseline petroleum jelly, or other oil-based products on sunburn because these products can block skin pores, preventing sweat from escaping, which causes skin infection.

3- Don’t Pick Blisters 

If your sunburned skin is blistering, avoid picking at or peeling it away to prevent skin damage. An intact blister can help the skin to heal faster. If the blister does break, trim off the dead skin with clean, small scissors.

If you keep picking on and popping the blisters, your skin will get infected. Leave the blisters alone, apply an antibiotic ointment to the wound, and cover it with a nonstock bandage.

4- Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is very soothing for your sunburned skin. It contains anti-inflammatory properties to reduce redness and inflamed sunburned skin. Take freshly brewed chamomile tea and let it cool. 

Soak a clean cloth in it and then apply it to the affected area. Keep applying it, and you will feel instant relief on the sunburned skin. It prevents sunburned skin from getting worse. But if you are allergic to pollen, then chamomile tea is not a suitable solution.

5- Avoid Tight Clothing

Sunburned skin is irritated and inflamed; that’s why avoid wearing tight-fitting and rough material cloth. Wear a loose, soft cloth to give your sunburned skin room to breathe and heal. 

Tight clothes worsen sunburn by harsh rubbing on the skin. Wear clothes made with gentle materials such as natural fibers such as cotton or bamboo. 

6- Stay hydrated 

Sunburn is caused by the evaporation of moisture from the skin due to overexposure to the sun. When your skin is battling with sun damage, you need to stay hydrated from within.

Drink plenty of water daily and intake highly nutritious drinks and juices to supply enough minerals and nutrients to heal sunburn. People with hydrated skin are more likely to get rid of sunburn faster than dehydrated people. 

7- Use Rash-Relieving Products

If the burned skin becomes itchy, use a rash-relieving power or lotion to eliminate the itching and irritation. Such relieving products are formulated with cool and soothing ingredients to soothe inflammation and prevent further skin damage. It prevents the urge to keep scratching the skin. 

When to seek medical help for Sunburn?

Sunburn can affect your skin differently, and you must carefully treat it with the remedies mentioned above. Sometimes your sunburn is severe, and you can’t soothe it with these simple remedies. But if your sunburn is causing the following symptoms, you need to seek professional help:

  • Your skin feels painful.
  • Skin is swelling.
  • Your skin is blistering.
  • You are experiencing fever and chills. 
  • You are dehydrated.


How long Does sunburn last?

It depends on the sunburn condition. Mild sunburn last for approximately 3 days. Moderate sunburn might last for around 5 days. Severe sunburn will last for more than a week or two weeks. You need to seek medical advice for proper medication. 

Does Sunburn turn into a tan?

There is no proper evidence proving that sunburn will turn into a tan. But it might turn into one if you are fair-skinned. 

How can I restore my skin color after sunburn?

Our skin becomes damaged after sunburn, needing deep nourishment and healing. Use vitamin C to treat your sunburned skin. Vitamin C deeply penetrates in skin and helps regain healthy skin, restore sunburned skin, and give your skin a bright glowing boost. 

What are the three symptoms of sunburn?

Sunburn is skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays. It usually causes the skin to become red, stingy, sore, warm, tender, and occasionally itchy for a week or two. 

What should I avoid on sunburn?

Do not use butter, vaseline, petroleum jelly, or other oil-based products on sunburn because these products can block skin pores, preventing sweat from escaping, which causes skin infection. If your sunburned skin is blistering, avoid picking at or peeling it away to prevent skin damage.

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