How to Care for High-Porosity Hair

how to care high porosity hair

How to Care for High-Porosity Hair

High-Porosity hair absorbs moisture and product quickly. Learn how to care for high porosity hair. It is the type of hair that has the ability to absorb more moisture from the products. 

Hair can have high, low, or medium porosity. Water, oil, and all types of hydrating products will easily be absorbed in hair with high porosity. High Porosity Hair requires a lot of care because they are highly porous, and they are not able to retain moisture, resulting in dry, frizzy, and dull strands. In this article, we have discussed tips on caring for high-porosity hair and managing it. 

What causes High-Porosity Hair?

The type of your hair is determined by genetics. The way your hair absorbs and retains moisture is all because of your heredity. If high hair porosity runs in your family, you are more likely to have high-porosity hair. 

But genetics is not the only factor; many other factors contribute to high porosity in your hair. Blow drying, bleaching, straightening, overwashing, a bad diet, and harsh products can damage your hair over time. These practices open your hair cuticles making it hard for hair to retain moisture.

How to detect High Porosity hair

How to know you have high-porosity hair is very easy, and you can easily detect it with a simple test at home. You need to wash your hair to clean the build-up before this test. Take a bowl of water and drop a dry, clean hair strand into it. Now observe the hair strand. 

  • If the strand floats at the water’s surface, your hair has low porosity. 
  • If the hair strands stay suspended in the middle, your hair has medium porosity hair. 
  • If the strand sink to the bottom of the bowl, you have high porosity hair. 

Tips for High-Porosity Hair

  • Avoid harsh treatments and Hot Styling Irons

High Porosity hair instantly loses moisture during chemical treatments such as dyeing and bleaching. Avoid using hot styling irons because the heat in these tools will cause high-porosity hair to lose moisture and get damaged. Undergoing treatments and over-using styling irons are extremely harmful to high-porosity hair. 

  • Use High Moisture Products

Choose products with high moisture content and look carefully for ingredients with high moisturizing properties. Harsh shampoos and conditions strip away moisture and necessary oil from high-porosity hair. Sulfate-free and gentle hair products are ideal for treating high-porosity hair because they help restore moisture, reduce frizz, and seal moisture in and protect hair from sun exposure and other damaging agents. 

  • Avoid Hair Dryer

The biggest mistake you make to damage your high-porosity hair is to dry the freshly washed hair with a heated hair dryer. High-porosity hair absorbs moisture quickly and dries out quickly. Consider drying your hair with low heat and letting them get dry on its own. 

  • Use Creamy and Dense Products

The most challenging thing about high-porosity hair is that the outermost layer of the hair strand is fragile and porous. Harsh products will cause further damage to your already fragile hair. It is recommended to use creamy and dense products containing highly hydrating and moisturizing nutrients to lock in moisture in your strand. 

  • Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase

Your pillowcase has so much to do with your high porosity hair. Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture from your hair and leave them dry. Cotton pillows damage your hair while sleeping and cause hair to become frizzy in the morning. Switch to a silk pillowcase because it causes less friction and moisture absorption. Silk pillows help to lock moisture in high-porosity hair.

  • Drink plenty of water.

Water is the root cure for almost all health issues. Hydration is the key to moisturizing high-porosity hair because the more your body has water, the more your hair will absorb water. Make sure you drink plenty of water to fulfill your body’s needs because it will show through your hair’s health, shine, and strength. 

  • Avoid shampooing your hair every day.

Stop washing your hair daily because it can strip off sebum and natural oils, leaving hair strands dry and brittle. High-porosity hair is most likely to get fragile and damaged with everyday hair washing. Sebum and natural oils are necessary for hydrating and conditioning your hair. Wash your hair twice or thrice weekly to retain moisture and natural oil in the strands. 

  • Healthy Diet

High porosity hair needs high nutrition, including foods with healthy fats in your diet, such as avocado, nuts, salmon, and fatty fish. These foods will hydrate your scalp and make your high-porosity hair healthy. 

Foods such as chicken, milk, cheese, and eggs are rich in proteins and smoothen your hair texture. A balanced diet provides all essential nutrients to your body, such as iron, vitamins C and E, omega 3, biotin, zinc, and many more. 


Can I change my hair porosity?

If your hair’s porosity is due to genetics, you may not be able to change its porosity. But if hair’s porosity is caused by harmful hair practices like Blow drying, bleaching, straightening, overwashing, a bad diet, and using harsh products, you can change hair porosity. Using gentle and appropriate products according to your hair type will help change your hair porosity. 

What should I avoid with High Porosity hair?

To preserve the health of high-porosity hair, you must use products with highly moisturizing and highly hydrating properties. You must avoid harsh treatments, hair coloring, and products containing glycerine, silicone, coconut oil, and harsh sulfate shampoos. 

Is cold water good for high-porosity hair?

Warm water will be caused your High-porosity hair to become damaged, brittle, and weak. Always rinse your hair with cold water to lock up moisture and seal your hair cuticles. Even if you have taken a steamy hot shower, give your hair a cold water shock to close the cuticles. 

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