Organic Hair Oil with Lavender

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  • Best Hair Oil for hair growth.
  • Reduces Hair Fall.
  • Rich in Vitamin A, E, and antioxidants 
  • Stimulating blood circulation
  • Prevents itching scalp and inflammation
  • Anti-Fungus properties.
  • Calming effect and relieving headache
  • Shiny, silky, and soft hairs
  • Moisturizer sealing in hairs.
  • Prevent hair loss
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Organic Hair Oil with Lavender
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Try SamBeautyHub’s Organic hair oil with lavender to nourish and strengthen your hair. It specially solves hair fall and curly hair problems. It is rich in vitamins A and E and antioxidants.

This 100% Organic hair Oil will solve any hair problem and help you achieve strong and healthy hair. We are trying to preserve the traditional and herbal way of hair care by using all essential oils and herbs to give you beautiful hair naturally with no harmful effects.

Benefits of Organic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Here are some of the benefits you can achieve from this organic hair oil:

  •  Best Hair Oil for hair growth.
  •  Prevents itching scalp and inflammation
  •  Stimulates blood circulation.
  •  Anti-Fungus properties.
  •  Calming effect and relieving headache
  •  Shiny, silky, and soft hairs
  •  Moisturizer sealing in hairs.
  •  Prevent hair loss

How To Use Organic Hair Oil with Lavender

  1. Apply oil on your scalp and massage it with your fingertips.
  2. Cover your head with a towel or shower cap and leave it on overnight.
  3. Shampoo your hair and rinse thoroughly.

Product Details

  • Volume: 110ml
  • Color: Blackish Brown

Ingredients Used In Organic Hair Oil

Our Organic Hair Oil contains magical ingredients used that will keep your hair’s healthy, silky, and strong. Ingredients are the following:

  • Amla (is one of the popular hair care ingredients, and it has plenty of fatty acids that reach deep into the hair follicles and slow down the hair-greying process, strengthen hairs, boost hair growth, and prevent dandruff).
  • Shikakai (is also one of the most used hair care ingredients, rich in vitamins C, E, A, and K. These vitamins nourish the scalp and promote hair growth.
  • Moringa (this ingredient included in our organic hair oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins B and A. That prevents hair fall).
  • Alkanet Root (Ratanjot) (is traditionally used in the tribal area of Himachal Pradesh, India, for Centuries due to its therapeutic properties).
  • Jatamansi (Balcar) (Jatamansi oil is very useful in controlling hair fall, preventing dandruff, and achieving hair growth.
  • Centella (Brahmi Booti) (another herb that is considered a fortifying agent against hair problems).
  • Castor Oil (serves as an excellent moisturizer and conditioner for hair).
  • Seed Oil (Seed oils are often used in hair products because they increase hair growth and reduce hair loss).
  • Mustard Oil (is a popular ingredient for hair growth. It moisturizes hair and reduces scalp inflammation and irritation).
  • Taramira Oil (has been used to make your hair healthy for years).
  • Coconut Oil (Coconut hair is famous for moisturizing hair and sealing moisture.
  • Vitamin E Oil is known for nourishing hair and making them deeply moisturizing and repairing hair damage.
  • Lavender oil (It is the special ingredient in our Organic hair oil. Researchers have proven that Lavender oil promotes hair growth and prevents hairs from becoming thin and weak. Lavender is also known for fighting against bacteria and fungi. You can read more about the benefits of using lavender hair oil.

Hair Concerns

  • You can use this Hair oil on dull, dry, and frizzy hairs.
  • It solves hair fall, split ends, and weak hair.


Here are a few precautions:

  • This oil is for external use only
  • Some individuals may be allergic to some ingredients, so Read the description before buying.
  • Keep out of ears and eyes; rinse well with clean water if contact occurs.
  • Don’t use excessively because excessive use of any oil leads to sensitization.

1 review for Organic Hair Oil with Lavender

  1. Hadees Abbasi

    Hi Sambeauty, i placed an order for hair serum and hair oil. It has reduced my hairfall and dryness. Im amazed by the shocking results. Thank you for the product. 😍😍

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