Side Effects Of Whitening Injections

Side effects of whitening injections

Side Effects Of Whitening Injections

Skin whitening injections are one of the most common skin-lightening practices, followed by millions worldwide. Skin whitening injections contain Glutathione and other skin-bleaching agents that lighten your skin by penetrating deep into your skin cells. 

But before going for the skin whitening injections, you should be aware of the outcomes and side effects of such treatments in the long run. This article lists the side effects of whitening injections that you should be aware of. 

How Skin Whitening Injections Works?

Skin Whitening Injections uses Glutathione to lighten the skin shade. These injections directly penetrate the skin and target a skin pigment known as eumelanin. These skin-whitening injections turn eumelanin into pheomelanin. 

Pheomelanin is a skin pigment that can be found in light-skinned people. These injections stop the production of an enzyme called tyrosinase, which produces melanin in the body. Eventually, you will get whiter skin. Skin whitening injections also protect the skin from UV radiation. 

  • Losing Pigmentation of Hair

Whitening injections mainly affects your melanin production. While whitening your skin cells, these whitening injections may cause your hair to grow whiter. 

  • Nausea

You may feel like throwing up after getting a dose or booster shot of a whitening injection. It’s the body’s natural response when you inject something unusual into your healthy body. The human body cancels out anything extra, which is why you may feel nauseous due to these skin injections. 

  • Eye Infections

These skin whitening injections contain active material designed for your skin cells. But if the medication enters your bloodstream, it can easily affect your eyes. Your under-eye skin is very thin and has a framework of blood vessels, and the medication would affect the blood flow to the eyes. You may feel irritation and redness in your eyes, and in a worst-case scenario, it can cause a severe eye infection.  

  • Asthma and Breathing Problems

Skin whitening injections directly affect your lungs because the medication is injected into your skin. It can cause lung disorders and breathing issues in the long run. If you are more likely to get booster shots frequently, watch out for asthma and lung disorders.  

  • Skin allergies

As the injections are directly injected into the skin, Internal hormones become imbalanced and may cause an allergic reaction. Every skin type and its defense mechanism is different. It is obvious to have a body reaction when injecting an unknown medication into the skin that is making a difference in usual melanin production. 

People with sensitive skin are more likely to get an allergic reaction from skin whitening injections. After a dose, you may notice small pumps, scales, and redness on your skin. These temporary symptoms go away quickly if you adopt healthy skin practices. 

  • Steven Johnson Syndrome

Another possible skin disease you might develop from the skin whitening injections is steven johnson’s syndrome. In this skin problem, you can get rashes all over your face. These rashes will turn into itchy bumps. 

You might experience this skin issue as the first reaction to skin whitening injections, which are chronic and curable with the help of a dermatologist. 

  • Diarrhea and Stomach Problems

Injecting the skin-whitening medication into your skin will affect your digestion and stomach. After getting a dosage, you may experience mild stomach pain and diarrhea. This situation might get worse, and you need to see a doctor. 

  • Weight Gain

Skin whitening injections affect your hormonal balance and fat-sensitive areas. You might notice a slight weight gain and puffiness in your skin. Everybody will respond differently to the new medication entering the body. 

This is not that severe, and it will go away eventually. You may also feel numbness and loss of sensation for some time. 

  • Disturbed Metabolism 

Most of the whitening injections are injected with vitamin c. It will interfere with your body’s metabolism as the body requires a certain amount of Vitamin C. Frequent whitening injections will increase the vitamin C intake, causing disturbed stomach, headaches, abdominal pain, nausea, and even kidney stones. 


Do skin whitening injections Work?

Most people opt for whitening injections when unsatisfied with their dusky skin. They want to have whiter, brighter, and glowing skin. Whitening injections are common in the cosmetic field, and they work on whitening your skin but have some side effects. So choose whitening injections of your own choice. 

Is glutathione Injection suitable for whitening?

There are many researchers conducted to evaluate the results of Glutathione injections. In most cases, it works and is effective in skin whitening and provides results for a longer time. But to maintain its effects, you need to get booster shots. 

Is it okay to get skin whitening injections?

Your skin color is your identity that you inherit from your parent’s genes, and it also represents the region you live in the world. You must embrace your skin color instead of changing it because that’s what you are. But if you want to lighten your skin color, then it’s your choice, and it’s okay as long as you are satisfied.

What are the severe side effects of Skin whitening infections?

Long-term side effects of skin whitening injections include skin cancer, itchy skin, skin rashes, burning sensations, skin irritation, swelling, and puffiness.

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