How to Prevent Hair Fall for Female – Proven Tips

How to Prevent Hair Fall for Female

Hair fall is one of the most common hair issues most females face. Many factors could lead to hair fall in females, such as hereditary, hormonal imbalance, menstruation, pregnancy, stress, depression, age, certain medications, supplements, hair treatments, and hot styling irons. Any one of these will cause your hair to fall. In this article, I will share some valuable tips on how to prevent hair fall for females.

Prevent Hair Fall for Female

There are many ways to prevent hair fall for females. Following are some valuable tips to improve your hair health and prevent hair loss:

1. Avoid Hairstyles that Pull on the hair

Hairs are flexible tissues that can only be stretched to a limit. Females are more likely to style their hair and adopt unique hairstyles, but some of those hairstyles pull hair and damage them. Hairstyles like cornrows, tight braids, ponytails, and pigtails pull hairs away from your scalp and loosen the bond between your hair and scalp over time.

2. Avoid high-heat hair styling tools

Many styling tools for females, such as hot irons, straighteners, curlers, and blow dryers, leave your hair follicle dehydrated and prone to damage. Frequent use of such tools leads to moisture loss and dry strands.

3. Massage Regularly to Prevent Hair Fall

Massaging your scalp stimulates blood circulation and keeps hair follicles healthy and moisturized. You can use any essential oil, like organic lavender hair oil, for your hair massages. Other hair oils include olive and tea-tree oils.

Massaging your scalp with oils before shampooing will decrease hair fall and enhance hair growth. It can also keep away dandruff, a leading cause of Hair fall.

At SamBeautyHub, you can buy our Organic Lavender Hair Oil to massage your scalp. It will give a calming effect, and its fragrance with a lavender scent is tremendous. This unique hair oil combines the properties of Lavender with argon oil, moringa, amla, shikakai, and other essential oil. Also, here you can check out the tremendous benefits of Lavender oil.

4. Use Shampoo That Suits Your Hair

Since so many types of shampoos are available in the market, females are more likely to use multiple shampoos based on their popularity. Sometimes shampoo is good, but it doesn’t suit your hair type, which is when hair fall arises. You must use appropriate shampoo to prevent hair fall, especially for females.

Every shampoo has ingredients for a specific reason, such as hair thickness, hair damage, hair growth, and shine. So, using a shampoo designed for another hair issue will damage your hair deeply. That’s why to use the best shampoo that suits your hair and is designed according to your hair issue. Also, you can check out our nourishing shampoo, specially made for reducing hair fall and damage.

5. Use a Soft Hair Brush

Use a soft hair brush made from natural fibers that promote healthy oil levels in your hair. These brushes will help in smoothing and conditioning your hair cuticle. Brushing your hair will decrease the hair clumps in your shower.

6. Balanced Diet

Hairfall had a direct connection with diet. Hairs will use the nutrients you intake to grow. Try to balance your diet with vegetables and fruits that contain proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fats. 

Iron deficiency is another problem that causes hairfall in females. You should take iron supplements to fulfill your body’s need for iron. It will ultimately reduce hair fall and cause hairs to become stronger.

7. Avoid Chemical Treatments

Avoid chemical treatments such as bleaching, dyeing, keratin treatment, getting highlights, and perms cause hair fall by weakening your hair from the roots.

8. Use Hair Serums

Use hair serums packed with all essential nutrients to stimulate hair growth and restore health. You should use hair serums to provide deep nourishment and add extra shine and smoothness. 

At SamBeautyHub, we offer the best Silicone Hair serum that combines silicon and argan oil properties to deeply condition your hair. You can buy our silicone hair serum to prevent hair fall; the link is below.

Its benefits include shiny and smooth hair, detangled hairs, reduced split ends, prevented Hair fall and Hair breakage, Protects hairs from Environmental Damage, Enhances hair softness, and promotes hair growth.

9. Try Medications for Hair Fall

Following are some medications to prevent hairfall in Females:

– Minoxidil

It is an effective medication used for treating hair fall and hair regrowth. It is sold worldwide under the name of Rogaine. It will target the leading causes of hair fall and prevents hairs from falling out of cuticles. It will strengthen your hair from within and stimulate hair growth.

– Light Therapy 

Light therapy emits energy, producing packets of light deep into the scalp skin’s layers. It helps strengthen your hair by nourishing the cells and area surrounding hair follicles.

– Ketoconazole

This drug helps in the regrowth of hair and reduces inflammation of the hair follicles. It is available as a shampoo for purchase over the counter and online.

– Corticosteroids

Doctors inject this medication for conditions such as Alopecia Areta, which results in hair fall random patches. It also encourages hair growth by nourishing your hair.

– Platelet-rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma injection also helps reduce hair loss and speed up hair tissue repair. A recent review has found that this therapy increases hair density and eliminates hairfall.

Now you know how to prevent hair fall for females. Below are the most common questions that females ask to prevent hair fall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is there any side effect of rogaine?

Rogaine does not have side effects, but some females may face redness and irritation.

Q2. What is the disadvantage of using Rogaine?

If you have found success with rogaine, you must continue using it because if you ever quit it, your hair that grows due to rogaine will fall out.

Q3. What are the leading causes of hair fall in females?

Hormonal imbalance is the most significant cause of hairfall in females. Common factors like poor diet, stress, excessive hair treatment and heavy hairstyles contribute to hairfall.

Q4. What is the vitamin used for hair?

Biotin, Folate, and vitamin B12 deficiency have been associated with hair loss.

Q5. Can hair regrow after hairfall?

Yes, you can regrow hairs after losing them. Many treatments are available for regrowing hairs, such as medications and surgery. You can also improve your diet to enhance hair growth. 

If you have any questions to prevent hair fall, please ask in the comments section below.

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